Sky Doodle Series

I See
Ongoing Project Title: I see 1/5 (Sky Doodle Series) Medium: Acrylic/pencil on canvas Dimensions: H:610mm x W:460mm X D:35mm

Five pieces make this series a complete body of work – depicting the relatable things we can pertain to the sky using “acrylic and pencil on canvas”. Here, a vibrant array of colors display the cloud filled sky adding my unique pencil technique of shading with an imperfect pencil drawn eye gives this piece a striking reminder that there’s always someone/something watching. Common terms used to denote this would be: The eye in the sky, Big brother, but more to the point CCTV fills our day to day especially here in the  UK where CCTV constantly catches a glimpse or plays peek-a-boo on the masses

Other finished pieces available for viewing in the Gallery

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