Why Paint?

Paint = /O(F) peint/.n. A picture on a surface in colour(s). Paint = |To cover a surface with pigment|- (as a painter do). 

Painters paint pigments on surfaces exciting viewers with colour(s) so profoundly dull and vibrant. Creating lasting memories so cleverly documented in collections worth far much more than the artist would have expected or intended. I am more captured by the stories or the vibrations of which the expressions were hatched from.  I believe this to be more valuable than the industry’s jargon and price points and so, leads one to ask; why do we paint?

Oil Paint on Canvas
(Oil Painting on canvas) An oil extract from one of my very first creative expressions with paint

The earliest forms of paintings as we know, are those of ancient african tombs and caves by the natives in far away lands. These of course have served us well in the education of our ancestral roots and heritage however, the question still lingers, why did they paint?why did they choose paint? why did they choose this specific expression?

I feel opinions have been varied and by many. Of course, as a creative I too have an opinion but I’m not certain it is the answer I seek. I know, to paint from an organic vibration, it is vital that one must delve within the conscious or subconscious to manifest such expressions. Yes, I feel this is where the inception process is hatched, where many forms of expressions are birthed, nonetheless that of a painter. This is enlightening however, are we merely using paint instead of dirt because we find it more visually pleasing? and if so, why paint? Is it because we are our ancestors, and this creative expression has been inherited so we choose not to search for another? Was it or is it due to the fact it’s just another tool used for centuries to instruct the viewer to the delight of the painter? or perhaps the painter was instructed to the delight of the viewer? Either way a creative expression by paint they say – tells a thousand words, yet the answer to my two eludes me.

Acrylic on canvas Curtis Reid Art

We know that creative expressions with paint are rooted with artists yearning for self -discovery perhaps lacking love or yearning for love. This disposition takes form through personal traumas or crisis. For some, a mere intrigue leads to a great connection, a development of therapeutic vibrations or a necessary compulsive tendency even. This in turn allows one to discover an endless facet of positive vibration filled with light, beauty, and inner peace. A manifestation that not only benefits the inner man but helps to create a better life, preserve life, help businesses to thrive, helps positive growth, helps to rebuild communities, and save lives.  So, as long as these positive attributes are derived from creating expressions with paint and so long as paint exist, and I am mentally and physically able I will express oneself with pictures on a surface in pigments of colour(s).



  1. A painter just want to express themselves with painting. They paint with pride and dignity trying to fine piece within themselves showing love and attraction to others in their own way. I believe while a painter is painting he/she thinks beyond what we see on those abstract, they see more than just an abstract like an illusion something pictured in their minds as if it’s clear or very noticeable but what we see its just a painting that expresses oneself. Painters paint for joy and to show their passion in what they do and I think this is why paintpainters paint. Lovely art my brother.

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  2. A painter paint Is things that reflects there lives and they do abstract painting. If you look closely to some painting you see pain and sorrow on some painting, it’s just expressing the painter, also some painter do this for joy, without them knowing it brings out the inner part of the painter on there abstracts, keep doing your work bro, very lovely paintings.

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