Absorbed Observations Project

Abstract Extract VIII - (Absorbed Observations Project)
(Original Extracts)

I am in the process of creating a few small and large pieces of mixed media on canvas incorporating the written word as well as imperfect pencil drawings to depict some of my retained observations absorbed over a specific time span given by a specific learning experience. As I mostly do, I have taken a very therapeutic approach with this creative process, having started the ground work since 2016 and as there isn’t any nod to be hasty, (at least that is one important principle governing my morals) I will keep adding to this body of work until I deem it necessary to stop. Absorbed Observations Project

Lovely-Chaos Series

Lovely Chaos Series (Ongoing Project - 1/5 pieces)
                Title: City Dwellings 2/5 (Lovely Chaos Series) Medium: Acrylic on canvas 

I suppose, Lovely Chaos is so prevalent in life today that if we aren’t reminded, one ponders on where it may take us. For centuries we’ve seen the choatic mindset of our people while at large its’s seldom that the “lovely” is glorified. We have become part of the “Chaos” as if we have allowed it to consume our thought process and so, we continue on a path that may have been created in the lovely chaos we call home. (Lovely Chaos Series)

Sky Doodle Series

Sky Doodle series
Title: I See 1/3 (Sky Doodle Series) Medium: Acyrlic/Pencil on canvas

Here’s the first of a very playful yet thought evoking collection of creative expressions from the series called (Sky Doodle) – 1/3 pieces. Sky Doodle Series