Creation has taught each of us connectivity in the most miraculous way, only for birth to sever that connection physically, however; even with a detached umbilical cord children remain dependents on their mothers for food. This reliance is an innate one. Like an earthworm is to earth so are humans to each other. We have long been and will remain dependants of each other however much we believe that of independency, however much we believe in the divide of rich and poor. It is only due to such divide or so call financial classes that the economic system is able to be a success but it is not taught with that narrative.

The human to human connection is so vital, so much so it has been the source of all our endeavors, the root of all our pre-existing and existing systems such as: the trade systems, Education Systems, The banking Systems, Government Systems, Traffic Systems etcetera, etcetera. This dependency creates a certain commitment, a trustworthiness if you like, however miniscule; it keeps us bonded, intertwined and more accurately – it is a necessity for humanity’s survival.

From the “Togetherness Series” Large Acrylic Textured canvas

Examples of this can be clearly seen in the shop owner’s need for customers, The hairstylist’s need for models, the pharmaceutical’s need for guinea pigs and lab rats, a hospitals’ need for the sick, Employers in need of employees, a buyer in need of a salesperson or a giver in need of the receiver and vice versa. This of course shows the level of dependency that is required in order to achieve success or for humanity to function successfully on Earth.

The above instances recalls the memory of the few jigsaw puzzles I once pieced together as a youth. As we know the necessity of each piece be fitting of the other to form the given image creating a whole if you like.  This memory deepens in light of our present circumstances “being in lockdown” or “quarantined”. This have solidified the common need we share in connecting with those we have missed or the need of us working together by staying at home in order for us not to spread the virus. These separated togetherness is a necessary even with such drastic separation.

Separation IIII
Togetherness Series extract (Acrylic on canvas) Textured

Inner-standing this commitment, knowing its value and necessity and being aware of the achievements it create aided one to create a series of large abstract paintings in the form of large interlocking jigsaw pieces with the intentions of depicting the undeniable connection we have, a great hope and commitment to our survival given that many of us are isolated, displaced and separated from loved ones at present.

These pieces are large textured stretched canvases, Acrylic meduim, sized (915mm x 915mm x 45mm) or (36″ x 36″ x 1 3/4″) squared with a hint of colour to seduce your eyes and mind from the bold and contrasting black and white jigsaw puzzle pieces. I trust you find love of health, healing, piece of mind and hope in your isolation or separation in this time knowing, whatever may, you can safely say separation knows togetherness.

Separation black I


  1. Beautiful piece of art it’s like a rememberance of what we are all going through, it reminds me of the flag that was placed up after the war.
    Wonderful job Artist.

    Liked by 1 person

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