Artist’s Philosophy

Acrylic on Canvas


Creation is all around us, molded in the fabric of our everyday projecting great literacy and guidance to all. For instance, the creation of each season is reflected through nature’s behavior and physical presence of which can be depicted by its many natural abstract formations. Another great example of abstract art are road signs. Obviously, manmade, which is a direct contrast to the former example however, these abstractions serve a great purpose; guiding road users to a more accurate and pleasant journey as we pursue our destination. To be specific paintings may be considered one of the many art forms there are that have and will always be a vital contributor to societies. It is woven in the root of our cultures and is perhaps one of, if not the single most important and influential educator of civilizations apart from natural creations. Early examples of this can be dated back to the first dynasty where paintings & hieroglyphs were found etched or inscribed in the Egyptian tombs. Some would agree that they are depictions of still life paintings nevertheless, they were promoting not only art but a profound knowledge of their way of existence which is still studied today.

To be able to create abstract expressions as a physical body I feel it must be derived from thoughts stored or stirred from the cavities of one’s mind guided by a spiritual energy. A fearless and innocent journey describes the feeling I channel when the creation of a new piece of art is being created – more so, a finding of the greater essence to life – I feel it is love, the search for or the lack of love why we creatives choose to express in this form. I have concluded to this extent that the creativity of art has its mystical essence. Yes, it can be guided by subconscious and conscious energies. I dabble in these realms to unveil inner creative instructions, whether it’s deemed realistic or non-realistic, beautiful or ugly, contemporary or not, loved or “hmm”.  My expressions can also be defined as an excitement of colors just as a firework display depicts; there in which everyone viewing this spectacle gathers his or her own emotional attachment evoking a different energy by the array and display of different colors, making it unique in every way.