Artist’s Philosophy


Abstract expressions can be defined as an excitement of colours just as a firework display depicts; there in which everyone viewing this spectacle gathers his or her own emotional attachment evoking a different energy by the array and display of different colours, making it unique in every way.

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Great examples of abstract art are letters and road signs. These serve a great purpose to societies. A great learning so to speak. In regard to road signs, these serve as guides to road users ensuring a more accurate and pleasant journey is maintained whilst pursuing a destination. Without the abstract forms of letters there wouldn’t be any words as we know today, leading to no sentences therefore, resulting in no spells (one may say that that leads to an uninhibited living experience however, that is a different subject matter). Art will always be considered a vital contributor to societies. It is woven in the root of our cultures and is perhaps one of, if not the single most important and influential educator of civilizations apart from natural creations. Early examples of this can be dated back to the first dynasty where paintings & hieroglyphs were found etched or inscribed in the Egyptian tombs. Some may agree that they are depictions of still life paintings furthermore they were promoting not only art but a profound knowledge of their way of existence which is still studied today.

A fearless and innocent journey describes the feeling channelled when the creation of a new piece of art is being created – more so, a finding of the greater essence in the experience of life. I feel, love, the lack of and the search for love are the main reasons creatives choose to express in this form as well as other artistic forms. Experiences garnered allows the opportunity to Dabble with paint. A learning that unveils creative instructions which are deemed and viewed as manifestations of Realism, Surrealism, Abstract, Modern, Contemporary, Fantasy, Beautiful, Ugly, Loved or hmmm!