How much of what you do is original? How much?

There is a saying that says: “There is nothing new under the sun“.

So, I ask, how much of what I do is original? How much?

Original III

I feel it to be true so I will say humans are great imitators, greatly intelligent in ignorance, notorious for copying and putting forward an undocumented view causing hysteria in the minds of lesser understanding, locked in a forever cycle of regurgitation by way of modernizing the past to suit the present generations; somewhat referred to as progressive or developed. We have documented the replication of civilizations in many aspects for centuries, we do commentaries and have published ample documentaries on the modernization of creations and philosophies of old. Still, we claim innovation and originality in the modern age. How So?


Take for instance (Painting & Sculpture) – By way of creative expression these art forms have been dated as far back as ancient Kemet yet understanding or lack thereof or perhaps impactful perspectives allow some to believe there are innovative Paintings and Sculptures being created today. Is it a matter of perspective or undocumented views that leads to the hysteria surrounding originality? Is it a mastery of manipulation that govern our beliefs and our way of thinking in turn alters our perception to believe or consider modern day creations such as Paintings and Sculptures to be original? I feel so call modern minds have inveloped a great thirst for competition and the need for big bank accounts, a lust for being first; the most wanted destination and anything to get there. Even sacrificing truth to their own despair. This of course weaves a quaint concept in the fabric of progress and development and to a great degree originality.

Original I

Of course, I paint original pieces of work “acrylic on canvas” and so forth but its only original to me and by way of the art form it has been done before making it not original in the art of painting. It can only be modernized, replicated and re-introduced repeatedly like a humming windmill spinning above its foundations. Due to this perspective I choose to read little to no material on the art forms I creatively express in the awareness that it can hinder, influence, impact and limit my creativity. Perhaps this begs the question: “Do you refrain from viewing these expressions also?  To a great degree yes, I limit myself as to the amount of visibility, to the amount of art shows I attend and to the amount of art works I view with the said awareness because I feel it can be impactful and influential to my creative works. I feel this way I can maintain a more original form in expressing my true genuine creative thoughts and feelings keeping true to myself.

Original II




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