Painting! Therapeutic or Creative Expression?


painting II

Therapeutic: adj – art of curing, healing treatment.

Creative Expression: adj – Involving the use of imagination to showcase or communicate one’s thoughts or feelings.

I know of many that would say none of the above and I know many that would say both, I am sure you do too. Also, there are many that considers painting a competitive and lucrative bread basket. I feel the industry deems it to be the latter, what else would they consider it? Competitively lucrative perhaps. Still I have heard many say its their livelihood.

painting I

I feel the artist’s perspective is most fitting for this headline and so, as a creative I can be subjective and say “Therapeutic” yes! The journey whilst painting can heal and have done so according to the emotions felt at that given time. still, that said healing or art of curing was only an aid through the creative expression or through the involvement of using ones imagination to showcase the feeling that needed attention. So yes, I also feel it to be a creative process and more to the point; If I was put forth with a Question of this sort a “Therapeutic Creative Expression” would be a more profound answer from my perspective. In depth I feel painting is more than just those three adjectives and I am certain more would agree. It’s also “Seeking Truth” – “Self” – “Time & Space” – “Art & Culture” – “Beauty” and so on…

painting III

Whatever painting is to you I trust it fills a void and even asks positive queries. Perhaps it can motivate and inspire others to channel positive energy among humans to ignite a more unified existence.


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