Absorbed Observations

My approach for this project was to incorporate the written word as well as imperfect pencil drawings to depict an awareness of retained observations over a specific time span given by a specific research and learning experience. I started with a large piece in 2016 and as there is never any nod to be hasty, I will be adding to this body of work until I deem it necessary to stop. At present there are two exceptionally large rectangular canvases and a small square piece in progress.

Fine sawdust was sparsely used to create a little texture along with some wood chippings and shredded pieces of paper. I felt it was most suitable for the subtle yet rough and rustic appeal I imagined it to be. Washed with brilliant white I applied primarily bold lemon yellow and powder blue acrylic paint by brush and palette knife also daubing & dripping silver and olive acrylic paint here and there to create a backdrop for the literary and doodle-ish sketches. Many stencilled writings and hand-written observations are depicted in the form of a query or statement enlightening the fact that, its not always as it seems.

The intention with this body of work is to summon or arouse the observations in you. It is with great intention that it may bring about an inception of awareness that allows further learning or an awareness of retention of knowledge which may create less tensions and positive mentions in dialogues, conversations and debates and of course with the intention to be hung in a gallery for view.

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