Absorbed Observations


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(Original Abstract extracts) Medium: Mixed Media on canvas

I am in the process of creating a few small and large pieces of mixed media on canvas incorporating the written word as well as imperfect pencil drawings to depict some of my retained observations absorbed over a specific time span attributed by a specific learning experience. As I mostly do, I have taken a very therapeutic approach with this creative process, having started the ground work since 2016 and as there isn’t a nod for a deadline or to be hasty, I will keep adding to this body of work until the inner I deems it necessary to stop.

For texture, I sparsely used fine sawdust, a sprinkle of wood chippings and some shredded paper to give that rough and rustic appeal. Washed with brilliant white I’ve applied primarily bold lemon yellow and powder blue acrylic paint by brush and palette knife also daubing & dripping silver acrylic paint here and there to create a backdrop for the literary and doodle-ish sketches and imperfect pencil drawn images that lingers on the surface of these fine art pieces. Many stenciled writings and hand written observations are depicted here in the form of a query or statement. 

 Absorbed Observations Project

These pieces of work are being created to summon or arouse the queries of self, with the intention to bring about awareness and retention of knowledge in which may create positive tensions & mentions in dialogue and of course with an intention to be hung in a gallery for view.

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