Lovely Chaos

(Lovely Chaos Series is now completed. Please scroll down to see individual pieces)

Lovely Chaos Series (Ongoing Project - 1/5 pieces)

I feel we can all agree that when it is said “Home Sweet Home” reminds most of a place of security without scrutiny, a place of truth, love, and peace. However, we can also agree that home can be a place of dysfunction, abuse, lies and untold secrets. Home, the foundation from which negative and positive energies are first harnessed. Where good and bad moral ethics are first realised. I feel it is within this Lovely Chaos we begin the existential physical experience of duality.

  • City Dwellings
  • Off Grid
  • Town Houses

In my depictions I have chosen a few from both spectrums, “the chaotic & the lovely”. This of course has been a haunting and atmospheric experience, respectively. These expressions have been an inviting yet cautious journey that I have learnt to embrace. The pieces are in various sizes and features some textures with a similar theme but are expressed with different moods throughout. A project with an evocative reflection and one that may trigger a great viewing experience for you.

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