Lovely Chaos

Lovely Chaos Project is now Completed – Please visit the Gallery or click Lovely Chaos Series to like – share & comment.

Lovely Chaos Series (Ongoing Project - 1/5 pieces)
Lovely Chaos is so prevalent in life today that if we aren’t reminded one ponders on where it may take us. For centuries we’ve seen the choatic mindset of our people while at large its’s seldom that the “lovely” is glorified. We have become a part of the “Chaos” as if we have allowed it to consume our thought process and so, we continue on a path that may have been created in the lovely chaos we call home. (Lovely Chaos Series)

(Ongoing Project) Lovely Chaos – 1/5 pieces

We can all agree that when it is said “Home Sweet Home” reminds most of  a place of security without scrutiny, a place of truth, love and peace however, we can also agree that home can be a place of dysfunction, abuse, lies and untold secrets. Home, the foundation from which negative and positive energies are firstly learned or harnessed. Where good and bad moral ethics are founded. I suppose, within this Lovely Chaos we begin to realize the true meaning of duality in life. 

In my depictions I have chosen a few from both spectrums, “the chaotic & the Lovely”. This of course has and will be haunting and atmospheric respectively and so, these expressions have been an inviting yet cautious  journey that I fully embraced.  Expressed in various sizes with a couple featuring textures with a similar theme but with different moods throughout makes this project an evocative reflection of which I truly believe can be soul-stirring  in you. Coming to the Gallery soon.


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