“Thought is Art” – “Art is Thought”

Art is Thought

What is Abstract Art?

There are so many definitions and theories that have been examined over the years – I wonder if it has lost its meaning or if there are any limitations to the meaning of what “Abstract Art” truly is? Some may say its a matter of individual perspective, others will argue that it is non realistic impressions, not of reality per say. I guess one can – perhaps, but aren’t these merely perspectives, theories even.
I’ve heard of definitions such as: It is an excitement of colors somewhat similar to a firework display – in laymen terms I can concur and by that I mean as a viewer it is true to some degree as far as the excitement of colors are concerned however on a more thought provoking perspective I put forth a theory of:

“Thought is Art” & “Art is Thought”

Whereby, mindfulness is the key ingredient where in which everything is created through thought! I believe if one can accept that thought is what maketh a man then art and any art of that matter is derived from thought. I guess having such a broad explanation begs many questions, one of which is: what is thought?. Well… it is one’s character, wouldn’t you agree? As a creative – th journey of finding tranquility of mind – the meaning of love & purpose on Earth and by creating abstracts aid a freedom within that only thought could be responsible for whether it stemmed out of love – the quest for or the lack of love. Thought is the master in each of us and it is that which depicts art for I as a creative.

Art is Thought

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