The awareness of left to right in painting!



It is a custom of western societies to look left then right when crossing roads. This of course is taught to us by our elders as a measure of precaution. It is an effective way of preventing one against the obvious. As far back as I can recall Boy Scouts can be heard marching to the sing song of “Left – Right, Left – Right”. This of course is also practiced loudly with such pride and vigour in the marching drills of many armies around the world.

Left - Right Lighting
Acrylic/Pencilon canvas

Reading and writing I believe are to me, two of the most fundamental elements of knowledge we can achieve and here we see the left and right approach to this also. We have been taught from a young age to read and write in this manner – (from left to right), A practiced custom by western societies, which I believe illuminates the way in which humans may perceive progressive thoughts…. bearing in mind “if we accept that knowledge is progress”.

If I was asked, if any or most of these traits which are seldom thought of, had any relevance or bearing on why most light source in paintings are expressed from left to right? Then it would have to be said… it’s an intriguing action of the subconscious isn’t it? perhaps, a manipulation of our mindset even – furthermore, are artists even aware of this when creating? And if so, why is it such a common occurrence?



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