Title: Connected Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

I wanted to paint a few pieces to remind me of the unseparable connection we humans have in common whether good or bad, blooming or old, the human connection is undeniably necessary throughout. For it is my innerstanding that all relationships whether with love ones, families, close friends or even strangers carry a certian connectivety. Here a seemless line runs throughout fluctuating as life seems to bob up and down with highs and lows respectively. The bolder colours portrays the achievements we’ve conquered with others or because of others. The different hues represents the indifferent comparables while the textures and linear markings are the emotional energies felt by the connections we’ve made with other humans.

If we search to find the inner connection between each of us I would be more confident in the ideaology of peace on Earth however, we are lead to believe that separatism is of the human norm, that borders are for protection, that I am different from you. All of which we are told denotes the human psyche, all creates division, a human tragedy that stirs immorality as is depicted in the many systems we have controlling our societies today. This of course develops an impactful mis-representation of the connected consciousness or the universal Aum, code per se; that we humans should adhere to. In turn we bicker, fight, displease, envy, and down trod each other as if we have much to gain from this behaviour instead of accepting the fact that it is only by staying connected we are able to sustain life and love on Earth!


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