Whats your best surface to work with!

In the early stages of creating my expressions which wasn’t too long ago I quickly learnt that surfaces played an important role in unveiling the emotions or visually telling your story. I’ve known artists to paint on cardboard, old doors or cork (a woody like material) just to get a fix so to speak! yes, there are many different surfaces that are deemed suitable for painting – ranging from wood – plywood, canvas, paper, glass, hessian & linen to name a few.

I use a varied amount of surfaces but mainly natural hessian wrapped on board or jute as it is also widely known and canvas stretched on handmade timber frames. If I’m true to myself I wouldn’t say there is a favourite but I have created more paintings on a canvas surface than other surfaces to date. Choosing a surface to work with can be deliberating at times. For me that decision can be based on mood or energy, medium, texture or subject matter if any. The process thereafter is as exciting and organically straight forward as painting on other surfaces are.

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