Mixing Creativity with Business


As a creative, expressing one ‘self is mostly the order of the day, it is the energy mostly occupying the cavities of the artists mind. As for the principles of business, or should I say; ethical principles that governs business practices? Either way the principles governing creativity and those that governs principles of business are so far apart as natural grass is to synthetic lawn. Yes, they both serve a similar purpose and can be mistaken as one for the other if not scrutinized properly.

Mixing Creativity with Business I

I feel being a creative expose the The fullness of possibilities there in which can only manifest through self-expression and yes it may be limited to your gifted art form, but the possibilities are full. Many may argue it is the same in business practices and of course it is merely a perspective so without being judgmental I will choose to say that that may very well be a perspective of a non-creative and from that of a business-driven mentality which only exposes “The fullness of profits” in turn mistaking profits for possibilities.

Now imagine the (The fullness of possibilities) versus (The fullness of profits). It is clearly definitive, “The Fullness of Possibilities” would float my boat yet I know many would lean towards the profit quick fix and no, I shan’t judge those that deem that to be beneficial but here’s my dilemma. I know the mind is all that is needed for possibilities but what if by acquiring “The fullness of possibilitiesprofits or moneys were needed? Or to survive within the economic systems there are, profits or money is needed to create “The fullness of possibilities”?

Mixing Creativity with Business II

Expressing one ‘self by way of your gifted art form for example “painting” is without doubt soul rewarding in the sense of its therapeutic significances, the transmuting of energy from within to physical properties such as art on canvas, oil on wood etc., self-discovery, the awareness of awe it brings to those who find the time to query and so on however, finding a way to generate moneys (profits) from the creations by way of a business solution can damper or even hamper ones creativity and yes, it is needed to pursue such a gain.  I am certain most creatives would prefer to only create than to dabble in business practices as I’ve quickly learnt. These processes summons two different vibrations of thought, polar extremities even yet they are dependent on each other and so “mixing creativity with business have been and will continue to be an adapting process of which is certainly conquerable. I feel the approach must be fluid, like water, until your gains are enough to pass forward the business practices to a trusty mind which in turn also proves possibilities trumps profits.


  1. Interesting discussion, and to me, a very broad and complex topic. I fully agree with fluidity, and the need for some sort of balance. Some Buddhists tell me that the end never justifies the means, e.g., being a ruthless business person is not post-justified by using one’s wealth wisely. But I don’t think it’s so black-and-white. Work like yours is beneficial, is a gift to the audience, and to do it you need income from somewhere, and that in turn, means some compromise as you indicate.

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    1. Yes, a very broad topic to cover in its entirety! Truly, a few years from now I may have a more profound know how. until that capacity is achieved I will be making concessions. I wonder then if I may or may not call it an achievement. Grateful for your response Steve. Thank you!

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