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There are numerous applications being used to achieve textured works of art. I believe (oil/acrylic paint, sand, gesso, fabrics, tissue, paper, shredded paper, broken ceramics & synthetic hair) are some of the most frequent or common items used to achieve a textured finish especially where abstract art is concerned. If the question was put forth as […]


Whats your best surface to work with! In the early stages of creating my expressions which wasn’t too long ago I quickly learnt that surfaces played an important role in unveiling the emotions or visually telling your story. I’ve known artists to paint on cardboard, old doors or cork (a woody like material) just to […]


I wanted to paint a few pieces to remind me of the unseparable connection we humans have in common whether good or bad, blooming or old, the human connection is undeniably necessary throughout. For it is my innerstanding that all relationships whether with love ones, families, close friends or even strangers carry a certian connectivety. […]